Thursday, December 3, 2009

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Make this Christmas extra special by creating

Personalized Christmas Stockings
for the entire family. Our

Christmas Stockings
are perfect Christmas gifts which continue to give your
love and holiday cheer each and every year they placed on the mantle or wall.
Personalized Stockings are also perfect for Christmas Gift Exchanges with
neighbors, business associates and close friends. Visit us today at for all kind of Personalized Christmas Gifts, Holiday Decor &
Personalized Christmas Ornaments.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Anniversary Gift List

Anniversaries are celebrated each & every day. An Anniversary is a grand occasion regardless if it is a 1st Anniversary you are celebrating or a 100th. As many of you know each Anniversary is associated with What I call a theme. I thought I would share these themes with you as I get many requests for this list Each & everyday. I also urge you to checkout my Anniversary Gifts page. Here you will find many unique & personalized Anniversary gifts. My top three Favorite gifts are:
1. 25th Glass Frame
2.Personalized Wood Anniversary Frame
3. Anniversary Wedding Afghan.

and now for the list...

Anniversary Year, Traditional gift, Modern Gift
1st Anniversary, Paper, Clocks,
2nd Anniversary, Cotton, China
3rd Anniversary, Leather, Crystal/Glass
4th Anniversary, Fruit/Flower, Appliances
5th Anniversary, Wood, Silverware
6th Anniversary, Candy/Iron, Wood
7th Anniversary, Wool/Copper, Desk Sets
8th Anniversary, Bronze/Pottery, Linens & Lace
9th Anniversary, Pottery/willow, Leather
10th Anniversary, Tin/Aluminum, Diamond Jewelry
11th Anniversary, Steel, Fashion Jewelry
12th Anniversary, Silk/Linen, Pearls
13th Anniversary, Lace, Textiles/ Furs
14th Anniversary, Ivory, Gold Jewelry
15th Anniversary, Crystal, Watches
20th Anniversary, China, Platinum
25th Anniversary, Silver, Silver
30th Anniversary, Pearl, Diamond
35th Anniversary, Coral, Jade
40th Anniversary, Ruby, Ruby
45th Anniversary, Sapphire, Sapphire
50th Anniversary, Gold, Gold
55th Anniversary, Emerald, Emerald
60th Anniversary, Diamond , Diamond

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Day of School Frame

First Day of School Picture Frame -
The first day of school is a momentous occasion for child and you. Celebrate this great day with a Personalized First Day of School Picture Frame. This Personalized Frame is the perfect way to capture the happiness they feel going to school for the first time. Be sure to send this Personalized Frame to Grandma and Grandpa so they can enjoy their grandchild's first day of school as well.

Your Personalized First Day of School Picture Frame measures 8 3/4" x 6 3/4" and holds a 3½" x 5" or 4" x 6" photo. Easel back allows for desk display. Includes FREE Personalization. Personalize your First Day of School Picture Frame with any school year, name and date.

First Day of School Frame
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Personalized Gifts for all occasions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair Stylist Coffee Mug

Hair Stylist Coffee Mug
Here is a cute & neat gift idea for the person who cuts & styles your hair.
A Personalized Hairstylist mug. Your hairstylist keeps you looking good all year long as they style & cut your hair just the way you like it. Now its your turn to Keep your favorite hair stylist looking great in the salon or at home with her own Personalized Hair Stylist Coffee Mug.
This Hair Stylist Coffee Mug is an unique personalized gift perfect as a thank you gift for a wonderful hair cut or color.